Mel Fisher Days

Each year a celebration is held to commemorate Mel Fisher’s famous 16-year search for the Spanish galleon Atocha which lead to a $450 million dollar treasure discovery in the waters just off Key West. A series of events are scheduled that will run from July 11-13, 2019.  100% of all net proceeds from these events will benefit Wesley House Family Services, Inc.  & Michael Abt Jr. Have a Heart Foundation.

About the Charities:
Wesley House Family Services, Inc. provide services to children and families throughout the Florida Keys. Some of these services include Foster and Adoptive Care, Independent Life Skills & Training, Prevention and Intervention Services, Community Based Care, Healthy Families Monroe, and Inez Martin Child Development Center. The Wesley House mission is to promote and enhance the safety, well-being and development of children by educating, supporting and meeting the needs of families. The goal of Wesley House is helping our community one family at a time.

Michael Abt Jr. Have a Heart Foundation:

Mel and Deo Fisher’s grandson, Michael Christopher Abt Jr., without any warning, died of a sudden cardiac arrest on March 10, 2006. He was a perfectly healthy, happy, active, and fit young man. The day he died, he was on the PE field at his school and just collapsed on the field.

It is for this reason, that Taffi Fisher Abt and Michael Sr. Abt started a foundation in the name of Michael Abt Jr. , the “Michael Abt Jr. Have a Heart Foundation” to provide AED’s (Automatic Emergency Defibulators) to public schools nationwide. It is our belief this simple machine may have been able to save Michael’s life. The funds from this foundation will provide AED’s first to schools which do not already have them as well as secondary units to schools with large campuses. These devices weigh less than six pounds and cost approximately $1500.00 each.

Just as important as the presence of the AED is the importance of educating the staff of the schools how to maintain and use them. The funds raised for this foundation will also provide advanced education for school health aides (who are grossly underpaid) and training for all school staff in the use of these life saving machines. It is said they are so simple to use that a 10 year old could learn how to operate one in less than 10 minutes. The key to successful use of an AED is a Plan of action.

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